Adult Classes

GYD offers Contemporary Technique, Jazz and Conditioning classes for Adults


Following a balanced conditioning warm-up, funky combinations full of traveling steps, kicks, spins and isolations make this class both challenging and fun!

This class is for any adults wanting to give Jazz dance a try. No experience necessary.


Contemporary Technique


Rooted in classical ballet vocabulary with a strong emphasis on torso articulation and expression, the contemporary technique classes encourage alignment, form, coordination, musicality, strength, rhythm and kinetic intelligence. Contemporary Technique classes have live percussion.

Beginner and Intermediate levels offered.

Conditioning with Imagery

An intelligent hybrid of a ballet floor barre, core strengthening and joint articulation and mobilization. 

A 6-week introduction beginning January 31st.

Come give it a try!

Our Adult Dance classes are geared to our GYD parents who want to be part of what their children do every day.  Adults who want to be physical, creative, meet new people and learn new skills.

You do not need to be a GYD parent to join!  We just want to stress that this is a class to get you in the door to start dancing (perhaps after a long time hiatus). No special skills required, you just need to be brave enough to sign up!

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