When do classes start?

Our Fall session will start the week of September 11th.

Where do I go for my first class?

We are at 42 Quebec Street (across from the Bookshelf). Look for our bright orange sandwich board. There are  steps to come up to the second floor where we have a lobby area. Our staff will be there to greet you and to be sure you know which of the three studios your class will be in. Please let us know in advance if you would like to access the elevator to enter or exit the studio. This is at 21 Chapel Lane and the door must be locked at all times. We will give you a number to text when you arrive should you wish to use the elevator.

Is there Parking?

Guelph has two-hour free parking on the street. You can also park in the banks that are close when the banks are closed.

Pick up and Drop off:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class time to ensure you have time to get ready for your class. You will be welcomed by the Overseer of the day who will ensure everyone gets where they need to be and answer any questions you might have.

Parents are responsible for being on time to pick up their dancer. We will assume any older dancers leaving the building have permission to meet you downstairs or leave on your own. Parents are welcome to leave and come back or make use of our lobby area. Please note it is a busy place and drop off and pick up is ideal.

What should I wear to dance?

Please visit the For Parents section on our website for a complete list of what to wear to class depending on the class you are enrolled in. We also have an online store if you are in need of any body suits or tights. Log in to your Portal, go to “More” and then go to Online Store.

Do you offer refunds?

Registration fees and Company Deposits are non-refundable. If you have started into a session then you will be charged a single class drop in fee ($20) for each 45-60 minute class attended to date, which will be deducted from your refund. Refunds will not be provided after 4 weeks into a session. 

This is my child’s first dance class- what if they want me to stay close by?

In order to foster independence in each child and encourage the children to focus and develop relationships with the teacher and assistants, parents are not permitted into the classroom. Parents can drop their dancers off up to 15 minutes prior to class. Once signed in parents will then return at the end of the class for pick up. We do recommend a quick drop off as this is generally much easier for the young child. All emergency contact information is available to teachers as it is connected to our studio software. Parents will be contacted if a child requires their support. 

We do, however, recognize that sometimes exceptions must be made and your child will need you to accompany them to their class or stay closer by. If this is the case, parents may wait in our lobby area. If the child is unable to leave without the parent, the parent may come into the class and dance fully with the child for the first week or two (permitted only when absolutely required). Sitting and watching in the classroom  is very distracting to both the child and the others in the class and therefore is not permitted.

Will you know my child’s name?

Portal Photos:

Please upload a photo of all participating dancers on the Portal before their first class or update them if you haven’t for several years. This greatly helps the teachers to get to know the students! Login to the Portal, Go to Manage Students, Click on the camera icon and upload your photo. Dancers can update their photos at any time. A nice clear close up is best!


Please note that GYD has a no cell phone policy. Phones may be used for pick up and drop off correspondence or when needed for emergencies. We would like to encourage real interaction!


We send out regular newsletters with updates as well as post daily on Social Media.

Please also Like our Facebook and Instagram page as we share many stories and photos there as well. This is a great way for you to see what is happening in the studios!

More information for Parents can be found on our Parents page on our website.

Other questions?

I am sure there are other questions!  Do not hesitate to contact us at guelphyouthdance@gmail.com and we would be happy to help!

See you soon! 

Catrina von Radecki