Julia Cosentino

JULIA COSENTINO – a contemporary-jazz artist from Toronto, ON, received her BFA Honours Degree in Dance from York University in 2012. Since graduating, Julia has had the pleasure of training, collaborating, and performing with companies including Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Jasmyn Fyffe Dance, Rodney Diverlus, Guillaume Cote, Rock Bottom Movement, Frog In Hand, Newton Moraes Dance Theatre, Guetcha Guaritcha, Kylie Thompson Dance, ProArteDanza, Hit and Run Dance Productions, zdancemovement, TranscenDance Project, Seed9, On the Rocks Films and Debra Brown.

Julia spent four seasons with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (2015-2019) in Calgary studying the art of jazz dance. This experience allowed her to foster a deeper understanding within herself, and her voice as an artist. Julia’s vision is to marry all of the things she loves most about dance: music, rhythm, physical prowess, artistry, expression, healing and human connection–to ourselves and to one another. This is at the heart of her practice, and she is grateful to be deepening her practice through research, conversation, play and discovery.

Julia has been teaching dance for many years, with many students, and across many borders. Julia deeply believes that her experiences in teaching have been equally educational for her. Each class and each student comes to her with a lesson to be learned. Additionally, having collaborated with an array of artists throughout her career, it has given her the opportunity to study leadership and the creative process from different angles.

As an educator, it is Julia’s ultimate goal that students can leave with a deeper understanding of dance, a deeper connection to their personal voice, and a set of useful tools that they can continue to cultivate and utilize in their training and performance for years to come. She hopes to inspire them to experience MUSIC, passion, freedom, joy, vulnerability, individuality, community and success through dance.

Photo: Trudie Lee