Kelly Steadman

Kelly discovered the transformative power of dance at a young age here in Guelph. In 2003 she graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University with a BFA in dance. Keen to explore the world, she relocated to Taiwan and Argentina, where she was exposed to a diverse array of styles and teaching philosophies.  Once home, she was welcomed as an active member of the Dancetheatre David Earle community.

Kelly has performed works by Vicki St. Denys, Sasha Ivanochko, Bill James, Carol Anderson, Denise Duric, Susan Lee, Robert Kingsbury, Karen Kaeja, Georgia Simms, Karen Rose, Julia Garlisi, Suzette Sherman, David Earle and most recently Janet Johnson (Portal Dance). Kelly joined Portal Dance in its premier year in 2011. She is profoundly grateful to have been a part of this local company whose aesthetic, creative process and purpose were wonderfully inspiring.  Kelly is also a founding member of Fall On Your Feet Movement Collective.

Kelly joined Guelph Youth Dance as a core staff member in 2008 and has been an integral part of its development over the years. Passionately teaching all age ranges and most styles, she is fully committed to bringing an informed and joyful experience to all. Kelly also manages the studio rentals and dancewear sales.

Her choreography has landed in Short and Sweet, Youth Moves (Guelph Dance Festival) and the GYD stages.  While sometimes comedic, usually her works are rooted in the importance of community and connection.  She is dedicated to fostering confidence, responsibility, generosity, self discovery and meaningful expression through dance practice.