Meredith Blackmore

Meredith Blackmore is primarily a visual artist. She paints portraits and murals, airbrushes tshirts and makes figurative paintings. Dance permeates it all.

Her first arts training, from age 9-13, was at The National Ballet School. She remembers sketching dancers in arabesque on her breaks. After the world of classical dance, she studied Kathak that taught her about storytelling, Salsa that freed her hips, and Modern with David Earle who champions roots, wings, and arms that circle the earth.

The line between the world of visual arts and of dance is continuously blurring. These worlds have come together for Meredith in live painting, including at a TIFF opening party and an Aretha Franklin concert. She painted the winning portrait of dancer Rex Harrington on Bravo! TV’s Star Portraits. She danced for glass artist Jerre Davidson who produced sculptures based on her computerized movements. Hamilton Supercrawl featured Meredith as a performance artist, dancing on the streets in a cardboard box. And Guelph’s Short&Sweet, curated by Katie Ewald, has featured her quirky combos of sculpture and movement.

In addition, she is widely recognized as a dancer by her own children and has dance internationally in her own living room. Her favourite costume ever is one with fringe on the sleeves. Her favourite question is, “Shall we?”