Please bring in costumes listed below by April 1st.

Ballet 6-8 Tuesday   

* white dresses +pink tutus+ butterfly wings  SUPPLIED BY GYD

* Jonny, Miles + Ruby are ‘ADVENTURERS’. Costume pieces SUPPLIED BY GYD PLUS favourite bits from home!  Start bringing them in.


Ballet 6-8  Thursday

* black tutu outfits SUPPLIED BY GYD

* 2 helper black outfits SUPPLIED BY GYD

* black bodysuits supplied by student. These are simply to go under the costume that is a bit loose in the bottom and/or top


Ballet Apprentice 1 Company    

*red dresses, black skirts, bandanas SUPPLIED BY GYD

* NOLAN red t shirt , bandana SUPPLIED BY GYD.  black leggings supplied by student. These can be what he usually wears to class.


Ballet Apprentice II  Company   

* white skirts SUPPLIED BY GYD

* white shirts  and nude footless tights supplied by student.  Students and Kelly will decide on final look together.


Ballet GYD Company Red

* black and gold skirts + some accessories  SUPPLIED BY GYD

*tops ( extravagant wonderful tops! sequins, lace etc….) and some accessories supplied by student


Ballet GYD Company Blue

* burgundy dresses SUPPLIED BY GYD

Jazz 8-9            

* blue velvet pants SUPPLIED BY GYD

 *DECORATED shirts provided by student ( due April 6th)

-Choose a t-shirt fitted t-shirt ( not too tight or too loose). Solid colour ( no black, white or grey) . Plain ( no logos, pictures or words)

-draw a large HEART on the front of the t-shirt

-decorate the entire  INSIDE OF THE HEART only using fabric paint/ regular pain, HOT GLUE pom poms, gem stones etc. ( no glitter please!)


Jazz 10-12                               

* costumes supplied by the student. Crazy Funky Thrift Shop look!


Jazz 13-14


*BLACK LEGGINGS provided by students ( with some available from GYD)

Jazz 15 and up: Lady Gaga inspired, silver and black.  Bring in what you have and we will discuss what works and TBA if you will need to buy anything.


Contemporary 6-8, Saturday 9:45 am class 

Inspired by the book- Where the Wild Things Are- Animal onesie or hoodie with ears- supplied by Student

Contemporary 6-8, Saturday 2:30 pm class 

Red, Yellow or Blue (bright colours) top and bottoms. No patterns and no logos.  The top and bottoms can be different colours.  Supplied by Student.


Contemporary 7-8

Colourful, patterned unitard shorts or body suit and dance shorts.  Supplied by Student.  I have ordered 5 that  have now arrived!  We are still looking for 3 more.  If you can find one that your dancer loves and fits well please bring it in!

Contemporary 9-10

Blue Dresses, coloured Sashes, taupe pants supplied by GYD.  Supplied by students:  Black body suits or tight tank top  for dancers who are wearing the pants.  Black dance shorts for dancers who are wearing the blue dresses (for underneath)

Contemporary 11-12: Each dancer has their own Fairy Tale costume either supplied by GYD or Supplied by dancer.

Contemporary 13: White jackets- Supplied by GYD.

Supplied by Student: Black tights and body suits for underneath. Red, Yellow and Blue Jackets supplied by three dancers (they know who)

Contemporary 14: Black turtle neck tops and black bottoms.  Supplied by student.

Contemporary 15 and up: Each group will supply their own costumes.

Hip Hop  9-12 (12:45 class):  Yellow Tops, Denim or black pants.  Supplied by Students

Hip Hop 8-9 ( 2:15 class): Blue or green tops. Denim or black bottoms. Supplied by Students
Hip Hip 10-12:  What ever they want, fun and colours. Self styled. Supplied by Students
Hip Hop 13 and up: Red tops, shape and baggy, summer style etc loose bottoms no tights or leggings.   Supplied by Students.